Deauville Cup 2016

Deauville Cup 2016

Bernat Tolra for Polletins team at Deauville Cup 2016.

Congratulations at all


Esmaelia al Hevan ( Emerald J & Ekisma al Hevan by Shamilah Makasar)

Bred and Owned by Al Hevan Arabians.

First in class yerling fillies b.

Bronce yerling fillies.

Silver yerling fillies chose by the public


Fahim Ishane OS ( Ajman Moniscione & Preatoria by Kubinec).

Owned by Haras du Polletins.

First clas 7 and older stalions.

Bronce medal stalions.

Best movements ( 3 times 20s in movements)


Avalon Spahir des Lunes (Aria Tresor & Avalon Ajman Dream by Ajman Monicione)

Owned by Pascale Panchaud et Kevin Baruchet.

Second clas yerling Colts.


Avalon Raja ( Inizio &Bass Empresive Fire)

Owned by Thierry Mahieu.

Top 5 2 year old Colts