World Arabian Championships 2016



What a weekend at World Championships Paris for TTC  team and Clients.

We will like to congratulate  our clients for the great results:

Nunki Arabians ( Savenier Family)

Lys d’Or Arabians ( Riviera Family).

Also the team of Polletines:

Al Hevan Arabians.

Mahieu Family

Avalon Saphir des Lunes Partenship

Gilles Morand.



Tchaata Iniziato ( Inizio & Avalon just mywenn) 2014 chestnut colt


He did again !!! at is second time at World CHAMPIONSHIPS Tchaata Iniziato archives a 3 place at junior colts clas and after Tope Ten Junior Colts.

We are very  proud of you INIZIATO !!!

Many thanks to Lys d’Or  Arabians to trust in us and  Congratulations again !!!. from TTC team.



Dzhari Nunki ( Piwosz & Solvia de Prazilia) 2012 Chesnut Stalion.

In the first time at World Championships Paris, Dzhari Nunki show us how to rock in the arena with a third place in Senior Stalions ( back  the gold and silver medals), Top Ten senior Stalions and also was awared with second place and the French cup 2016.

We are very happy for the proud Owner and Breder Nunki Aarabians from France and thanks again to trust in us in all this years  TTC team.



Avalon Saphir des Lune ( Aria Tresor & Avalon ajman dream)


In the first World Championships for Saphir he archive a Top Ten and also awared with the first place at the French Cup 2016.

Congratulations at Avalon Saphir des lunes Partenship and thanks for let us show Saphir TTC team.





From TTC I will like to say thanks to our team:

Juan Bautista lorenzo, many thanks for all your hard work at World Championships!!

Giovanni Calvia, many thanks for all the hard work before and during the World Championships!!